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Kristy Prince


What are the best lenses for computer glasses?

I want to buy a pair of computer glasses to protect my eyes. So, what types of lenses should i choose? Any idea?
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  • characterposter


    You should choose good computer glasses that can relieve your eys strian when you are playing on computer. Those glasses can improve your vision problems while using the computer and also reduce headaches, neck strain. While the glasses are based on your prescription, so you need to go to an store and choose the best for you.
  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    computer glasses can help people avoid eye strain after long hours facing with computer. There are lots of types of computer glasses, such as i-FI Lens Coated computer glasses, Melanin-tinted Lens computer glasses, Bifocal computer glasses, Monofocal computer glasses. The shop assistant will tell what kind of glasses is suitable for you based on your own conditions. Anyway, they're all comfortable wearing, you won't feel tired after long hours wearing.