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Does mascara cause eye infections?

Is it possible to lead to eye infection because of mascara? How can mascara affect my eyes?
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  • RJ


    Yes, it is possible for mascara to lead to eye infection. Because mascara has some thrill to your skin around your eyes and your eyes. If you wear it for a long time, for example, wear it for a sleep overnight, you are likely to get infection by it. What's more, if the quality of mascara you use is poor, you can still easily get eye infection.
  • Luthy


    Well, it is possible to have eye infection when you apply mascara in your eyes. As we know that mascara is made of many ingredients which can be chemicals. And these products are directly applied in your eyes. In that way, the chemicals can be the irritants, leading to some reaction in your eyes, such as eye infection. At that moment, your eyes will be red, even bloodshot, and it is possible to have pink eyes. And that can be dangerous, for it will just cause many other eye diseases. So you need to pay more attention to it.

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