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Can coffee make your eyes yellow?

Is it possible to lead to yellow eyes because of drinking too much coffee? How can coffee affect on eyes?
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  • bell


    As far as i know, drinking coffee won't cause yellow eyes. Of course, it is not good for eyes if you drinking too much coffee especially for people who have myopia or glaucoma. As we know, coffee contains lots of caffeine which can increase the eye pressure. That is really bad for the eyes. As for the yellow eyes, it is usually caused by jaundice or serious liver diseases include hepatitis and cirrhosis. So, if you have yellow eyes, you'd better visit consult a doctor.
  • elizabeth_starz


    Yes, it is quite possible to lead to yellow eyes because of drinking too much coffee. Yellow eyes can be a problem with your liver, if you drink too much coffee, it is not good for your liver, so does drinking alcohol and smoking. What's more, some studies find that consuming too much caffeinated coffee can even cause vision loss or even blindness.
  • Brooke


    When old red blood cells broke down, bilirubin, a yellow-colored pigment will be produced which can cause jaundice. While jaundice is the vital factor to lead to yellow eyes. It is not unusual for newborn babies to have yellowing of the skin and eyes as well as adults. Infections, liver diseases, blood disorders and certain inherited disorders are the common causes of yellow eyes. But coffee is impossible to lead to yellow eyes. It is true that caffeine may make your eyes look yellow, but not forever.
  • Zoe Wang


    No, I have not heard of that. Drinking coffee won't cause yellow eyes. Usually, people with yellow eyes are caused by liver problems or jaundice. But it is true that drinking too much coffee is not good for people' s health and eyes. Especially for people with glaucoma, too much coffee consumption is possible lead to high eye pressure that is really bad to the eyes. So, even if coffee won't cause yellow eyes, we shall trey to reduce the consumption of coffee for sake of our health
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