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Paige evelyn


How soon after laser eye surgery can i exercise?

I used to do eye exercise everyday. But since i got an laser eye surgery, i haven't done exercises for four days . Can i do exercise right now? Is it bad to the recovery of my eyes?
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  • electriikheartx


    Well, of course, you should not have exercises right now after you have taken the eye surgery. Or it will just hurt your eyes, slowing down the recovery process. There are some things you should pay more attention. For example, you should not take exercise in the first week, and then you can take some. But the heavy exercises should be avoided too. As we know that, by doing some exercises, it will just increase the eye strain, hurting your eyes. And that can be harmful to the recovery of your eyes. Anyway, just be careful about it. Also, eye infection should be a big point too. Some dirty thing should be avoided. Anyway, having a good rest is essential.
  • Nicholas carter


    It is important to protect eyes from infection after the laser eye surgery during this postoperative period. Other normal exercises is ok to do after two days after the operation, but if as to eye exercises, you' d better not to do it now. You can't avoid rubbing your eyes if you do eye exercises, and you should not rub your eyes for at least the first week after this operation. I suggest you to wait until your eyes are much better. Eyes are too soft and fragile. After this surgery, we should try to protect the eyes from injury again, which might increase the risks of getting inflammation or infection.
  • walking_poeticx


    No, you can't do the exercise right now after you do the laser eye surgery. Your eyes need the great rest after the lasik surgery. If you do the exercise right now, your eye pressure may be increasing which will be bad for your recovery of the eyes. You'd better wait for about a month of the full recovery. Then you will exercise on your own.

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