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Where are prada sunglasses made?

I like prada sunglasses and i want to know more info about prada sunglasses. What country are prada sunglasses made in?
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  • walker


    Prada sunglasses are Italian brand which made for royalties. It was made in Milan, Italy. Although they are expensive, but due to the high quality and the fashion style, they deserve it! There is a website which can be useful for you to find whether the sunglasses is fake or not. Usually, the mark of the fake one is PRADO, so you can tell it easily.
  • C B


    Prada sunglasses are made by the Italian company, Luxottica. Luxottica has six manufacturing facilities in Italy: five in north-eastern Italy, the area in which most of the country%u2019s optical industry is based, and one near Turin. All of these facilities are highly automated, which has made it possible to maintain a high level of production without significant capital outlay. Over the years, the Group has consolidated its manufacturing processes by concentrating a specific production technology in each of the Italian facilities:

    Plastic frames are made in the Agordo, Sedico, Pederobba and Lauriano facilities,while metal frames are produced in Agordo and Rovereto. Certain metal frame parts are produced in the Cencenighe plant.
    The Lauriano facility also makes crystal and polycarbonate lenses for sunglasses.
    The Dongguan plants, in China%u2019s Guangdong province, make both plastic and metal frames.
    So just like most corporations Prada is made by Chinese or robots. And you are paying the exploited price because the label makes you feel like a better person. Ironicaly, your purchase shows that you are not a better person. You are vain, interested in your gluttony and status. The good you could do with that money, so sad.
  • Justin


    The authentic prada sunglasses are made in Italy. No matter from the quality or the design, they are fully deserved to be one of the first ranking ones. Although the price is high, the big brand prada sunglasses will give you special feeling on both the quality and the fashion. If you can afford it, you could decide to buy one.
  • Johnny W.


    Actually, prada sunglasses are very popular in men and women. They are made in Italy. They are timeless and fashionable all the time. According to many users, they are one of the brands which can have a good balance between function and styles. So it will be a good choice for you to buy a pair of it even though they are expensive. To tell if your Prada sunglasses are real or fake, the first thing you can do is to check yours spells PRADA not PRADO. This is one common detail that buyers overlook. Also, you can go to the website to see if yours is a real one. In addition, PRADA won't compromise its name, it will surely products that are of quality.
  • Mujtaba


    Hi! I have prada sunglasses so i need for my glasses screw where i can get that

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