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How much do womens coach sunglasses cost ?

I am thinking about buying coach sunglasses for my girlfriend. Is there anyone who know the price of womens coach sunglasses. Do you think coach sunglasses are good?
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  • Cary Green


    You may buy one from the online store which may save you a lot of money. You can go to the Yahoo to have a look. The average price of coach women sunglasses is around $ 100. However, there are some types with even $ 59 price. About the coach sunglasses, they are suitable for women because of the fashionable style. You could base on your favor to choose one for your girlfriend.
  • DEREK Garrana


    The price of womens coach sunglasses vary for each pair of coach sunglasses according to their design and style etc. One of my friend told me that she has bought a pair with about $180. And i just search it online and find that most of womens coach sunglasses are ranges from $148.00-$208.00. If you plan tot buy it to your girlfriend, you shall choose it according her favorite. Good luck.
  • Nathan harris


    Generally speaking, you may have to pay about $200 for a new pair of Coach Sunglasses. And you should know that coach sunglasses are a famous brand which is well known by many people and used wildly. And they have good quality and beautiful design so that many people will choose to wear them. Also, they can protect you from UV rays perfectly, so you don not have to worry about this problem any more. In addition, to spot the fake coach sunglasses, there are some tips you can follow. For example, you can examine the logo. Just make sure it isn't crooked or misspelled. And you can also scratch the logo with your fingernail very gently. The logo on fake Coach Sunglasses will start to scratch or flake off.
  • walkingfetus


    Coach sunglasses average price may be $300 for normal products.They are all good quality stuff,and the style of coach sunglasses are suitable for mature women.So make sure, your girlfriend's character can be lighten by the sunglasses you choose. My suggestion is that you can have a look at the shopping mall,then you can choose a more suitable one than you thought.Don't be trapped by the brand. Wish your girlfriend will like it.

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