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Faith fergus


Where can i get glasses like kid cudi?

i want to get kid cudi style glasses and do you guys know where can i get eyeglasses like kid cudi? Any suggestion?
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  • Vanessa


    You can go to the near eyeglasses stores to have a look. Even there has the kid cudi style glasses, the price may be a little higher than those in the online stores. So I suggest you to search online and buy one from the eyeglasses online store with the good reputation.
  • Angela tuener


    I just search it online and find a sites which provide Kid Cudi Glasses. Here is the link: . Hope you can find the right one you want. Nevertheless, you shall choose the eyeglasses according your own personality so as to achieve a great look. For example, you shall consider your face shape, skin color before you buy it. Good luck.
  • cherry_bloss0m


    First of all,I have to say---good taste! I love that too.And I Bought one on Ebay last week,but the one I buy is this" Aape BY A BATHING APE x Oakley " So , I'm not sure the one you like is this type or not because you know that Kid Cudi has worn so many kinds of glasses. Okay back to your question, you can buy that on Ebay , and then you have two choices to choose. First, search"glasses",then scroll the whole web page to make sure you miss any information of the one you are looking for.I do it this way ,but it will cost a lot of time. The second way can save you a lot of time,search "glasses Kid Cudi",then the shortlist will be presented,but you have to look for the one you want,too.
  • Zoe


    I noticed that kid cudi worn several types of eyeglasses. Among them, the most common wearing eyeglasses is a type of black framed nerd square eyeglasses. In fact, there are many place, eyeglasses shop provide such eyeglasses frame. If you want to buy them online, you can go online eyeglasses shop like where you can find a similar pair. Hope this can help you.
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