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What are best sunglasses for petite faces?

i have a petite face and i am looking for sunglasses that can flatter my face. What sunglasses are good for me. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
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  • williams


    I think the sunglasses designed with flat surface on the lenses may suit you which will on the visual aspect flatter your face. In addition, you should not wear the big frame or big round sunglasses which will make your face look more small by the contrast. In a word, you could try on in the eyeglasses store and then you will know better.
  • Sharron Green


    It depends on what looks you want to get from sunglasses. If you want to look cute, you can choose some bright colored small sunglasses. If your face are not in round shape, you can try a pair of small colored round sunglasses. That will make you look cute. If you want to look cool, You can try a pair of big black lenses sunglasses. Or if you want to be elegant and sexy, you can try vintage cat eye sunglasses. Hope this helps.
  • Jade


    There are many choices of sunglasses for girls with a petite face. Almost all styles of sunglasses are suitable for petite face. However, do not choose outdated sunglasses for they will make you look older and out of fashion. If your style is vogue and you are favor of a fashion look, big frame sunglasses tinted in coffee or wine-red with resin frame are fine choices. In addition, beside for adornment effects, the function of sunglasses also should be taken into consideration. I suggest that you would better select a pair of high-quality sunglasses in that they can keep your eyes away from sunlight damage.
  • Kyle


    You are welcome! As you have a petite face, congratulation! It is the trends that people cherish and love petite face. It seems cute and clever. There has some kind of sunglasses to suit and flatter your face. However, these still has some glasses which may not be suit for you, e.g. big frame sunglasses, it will make your face more petite, and the proportion of your face and glasses will be strange. The sunglasses will seem to heavy for your face to charge. Exaggerate frame and sparkle decorations with the sunglasses will not be recommended. The one which suit for you is exquisite one with classical style, but the color will be more bright. bright color will give the impression of light and handy just like your face. Ok, hope my suggestion is useful for you!

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