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Brandon evelyn


What to do if i get rusts in my eye?

MY eyes feel bad because a bit rust get s nto my eyes. What should i do now? How can i help my eyes?
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  • Benjamin gary


    Hello, people working in manufacturing can get rust in their eyes. When you get rust in your eyes, you have several ways to deal with it. I just introduce one of them to you. First, wet a cotton swab with water, then open your eyes and rub the rust out of your eyes gently. Continue to flush your eyes with water until all the rust dust come out of your eyes. That may help, good luck!
  • handsome_fuck


    You should go to the hospital without delay because the rusts in the eyes is prone to give rise to keratitis and have a bad influence on your vision, it can even cause blindness. You should do an ophthalmologic type-B ultrasound and ask an ophthalmologist to help you carry out the magnetic adsorption. Besides, you need to take measures to prevent inflammation of the eyes and protect the cornea.
  • Dylan fergus


    What? It seems that your problem is very serious, because as you can see, rust is a kind of metal, which could give rise to a lot of problems, such as eye infections. For now, you must not rub your eyes, because it could lead to scratched eyes or corneal abrasion. What you need to do is going to a professional eye clinic for effective and timely treatment. Time is of the essence, just go now!

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