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How bad is 20/100 vision?

I just take an eye exam and the doctor told me that i have 20/100 vision. What does it mean? Is it really bad vision?
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  • Gail


    Hi, 20/100 vision is also a measurement of visual acuity. And don't worry, you just only have mild myopia. It is not serious vision problems In common, 20/20 vision is healthy eyesight for average human beings. And 20/100 is a mild myopia that is about -1.75 to -2.00 diopters in diopters. Usually, eye doctor will suggest you buy a pair prescription eyeglasses for vision aids.
  • b3autyqu33n22


    20/100 equals -1.75 to -2.00 diopters You got the mild myopia. Don’t worry! You can do some eyes exercises to protect your eyes and be careful when using your eyes. Or you can consult your doctor to buy a pair of glasses that is suitable for you. Maybe it will make you look more handsome or beautiful.