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How to stop eyes from burning from onions?

I like to eat onions. But every time when i cut onions, my eyes burning and tearing. Sometimes, the burning eyes will last for a bit long time. Do you know how to help my eyes from such burning feeling? Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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  • Susan Wright


    Yes, it is possible to get burning and watering eyes from cutting onions. You shall wash your eyes with cold water immediately. And also, you can apply cold compress on your eyes that could be help. Anyway, the best way to stop burning eyes is prevent it. The next time you make food with onions, you shall freeze the onion about 10-20 min before you cut them. Then, cut the onions into pieces in a quick way. Then, rinse those onions into water and peeling them under water. Hope this can help you.
  • walkingthepaths


    1.the onions release a vapor which reacts with the liquid in your eyes will make you cry. If you chill your onion before you cut it this will slow down the release of these vapors. I used to freeze the onion for 15 minutes to freeze the acids before cutting. it does work! 2.A ceiling fan can help to reduce the vapors. Wash you hands with baking soda and water. The baking soda will neutralize the acid. Then, wash your eyes with clean water. You can wear glasses when you cut onions. This may reduce the impact fumes released while cutting the onions.