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why do i feel eye irritated all the time?

I often got dry and burning eyes. I am worried about it. Why do i feel eye irritated eyes all the time? Is it caused by eye diseases?
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  • Jada


    Irritated eyes can also be understand as eye infection. And there are many causes that may lead to irritated eyes such as allergies, eyelid inflammation, bacterial infection and infected tear duct etc. So, the first thing you shall do is to make an appointment with an eye doctor. Consult him/her what going on about your eyes so that you can treat your eyes in the right way.
  • Kimberly


    From your description, it may not caused by irritated eyes. And it is common for people feel burning and dry eyes especially for people require intensive use of eyes such as reading, writing or working at computer. If you do this job, it can explain why you always get dry and burning eyes. Don't worry, it is not eye disease, it is just a sign of tired eyes. Taking a good rest can help you relieve from burning eyes. Also, you can apply your eyes some lubricating eye drops to help the eyes.

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