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What can cause eye inflammation?

I got eye inflammation, and it really annoying, can someone tell what causes eye inflammation? How can I deal with it?
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  • vincent


    Eye inflammation can also be known as Uveitis. It is an internal inflammation of the eye. And this eye inflammation can be caused by complications from glaucoma or cataracts etc. Also, the eye inflammation can also be caused by bacterial infection. And different cause have different treatments. So, you'd better find the cause of your eye inflammation first so as to take proper treatments. But generally, antibiotic eye drops are available for the eyes.
  • easilyfixed


    Eye inflammation can be caused by allergies, infections, autoimmune diseases, injuries to the eye, and abrasions in the eye. Allergic includes:Drug allergies;Food allergies;Hay fever or allergic reaction to allergens, such as animal dander, dust, cosmetics, or pollenInsect bite allergy such as bee stings. Infectious includes: Blepharitis; Chalazion; Conjunctivitis; Dacryocystitis; Iritis; Keratitis; Periorbital cellulitis ;Scleritis;Sinusitis;Stye or hordeolum ; Traumatic includes: Blunt traumaCorneal abrasion or ulcerForeign objects or materials in the eye, such as dirt or small metal or wood piecesHematoma ;Insect bite or stingIrritants, such as soaps and chemicalsOrbital bone fracture; Autoimmune includes: Ankylosing spondylitis ;Behçet's syndrome ;Dermatomyositis ;Graves’ disease;Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis ;Multiple sclerosis ;Psoriatic arthritis;Reiter’s syndrome ;Rheumatoid arthritis ;Sjögren’s syndrome ;Systemic lupus erythematosus ;Wegener's granulomatosis Serious or life-threatening includes:Anaphylaxis; Orbital cellulitis

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