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Angela green


How to stop itchy eyes at home?

My eyes feel itchy, but i did nothing. I just watching TV at home. Why my eyes feel itchy? Is there anything that i can do to stop it? Or i have to see a doctor?
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  • Jordyn adams


    Itch eyes can be caused by allergy, infection and dry eyes. And according to your description, your itching eyes may result of dry eyes after watching TV for a long time. If so, you can apply some lubricating eye drops to help you relieve itchy eyes. Don't rub your eyes. If you have no eye drops right now, you can apply cucumber slice on your eyes to help you reduce itchy and irritation eyes. Also, raw potatoes can also be used to quick relieve itchy eyes. Good luck.
  • evelyn12


    This condition occurs when eyes doesn't produce enough tears. you also may feel fatigue and could suffer from lack of sleep. Recommend the following suggestions:1, Do not rub your itchy eyes. 2. do not put tap water in your eyes. Artificial tears can help lubricate the eyes and provide some relief. 3. Applying a cool or cold compress to your eyes. This should give some relief.4. If your itchy eyes persist, you can consult your doctor about prescribing eye drops. 5.Considering purchasing computer glasses. adults often have some kind of digital eye strain as a result of using digital devices for hours at a time. computer eyewear could alleviate or prevent digital eyestrain.

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