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James green


What eye drops are good for pink eye?

My eyes are red and burning. Also, i feel itches sometimes. I guess that i got pink eyes. What can i do to help my eyes? Do you know any eye drops that i can apply for my pink eyes?
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  • rommel abad


    It sounds like pink eyes. In common, pink eyes are caused by bacterial infection. If you make sure that is pink eyes, you can apply your eyes with antibiotics eye drops to help you fight against bacterial conjunctivitis in the eyes. And in common, the pink eyes shall recover after after 2-3 days of using antibiotics eye drops.


    I feel sorry to heard that you got red and burning eyes. Personally, you'd better see a doctor. You need to confirm that your eye are pink eyes. If it is really pink eyes, you can treat your eyes with antibiotics eye drops. But the red and burning eyes can also be caused by eye strain or hay fever etc. If you continuous work at computer, do a reading or drive, it is normal to get red and burning eyes. Taking a good rest can help your eyes. If it caused by hay fever, the symptoms of red and burning eyes will gone after you cure hay fever. I wish your will be fine soon.

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