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Do i need anti glare on my glasses?

I went to lenscrafters and they recommended me to add anti-glare coatings on my lenses. I just wonder if my eyeglasses would look better with anti-glare coatings? Is it necessary to have anti glare on the lenses? What benefits that i can expected to get from them?
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  • elmo01


    I am a eyeglasses wearer,too. Personally, it is a good idea to add anti glare on our eyeglasses lenses. The anti glare lenses can protect our eyes from glares and reflective light that come from monitor such as computer screen, TV screen etc. So, it is necessary to add ant glare coating on the eyeglasses lenses for the sake of our eyes.
  • Megan W


    It is a good suggestion to add anti glare on the eyeglasses lenses. The coating can protect the lenses and the eyes. I have my eyeglasses with anti glare coating, too. I work at computer everyday, and my optician said that the anti glare coating can protect my eyes from harsh light from computer screen. Although i don't know if it is work, but my eyes feel better by wearing the eyeglasses with anti glare coating than wearing my old eyeglasses (without add anti glare coating).
  • Rebecca


    An anti glare coating serves many purpose. For many people, an anti-reflective coating can help when driving at night. Often, individuals who wear glasses or contacts experience a halo effect around headlights and streetlights when driving in the dark. The coating eliminates this effect and can make night driving less of a distraction.An anti-reflective coating on your glasses can also be beneficial if you spend a great deal of time on the computer.
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