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How to get better eyesight?

I have poor vision. I really wish that i can get better eyesight. What shall i do? Do you have any good idea to improve vision?
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  • Debbie


    In common, when people suffered from some vision problems such as myopia or hyperopia, it is really hard to help them recover good eyesight. But if you take proper diet that contain good eye supplement, it can help you build eye health and possibly improve your vision. As far as i know, the best easy way to get better eyesight is drinking honey water everyday. Besides, you can also take food that contain rich Vitamins A, C, E, and minerals like copper and zinc. These eye supplement are essential to the eyesight. You can have a try.


    You can do some eye exercise daily that may help. You shall also keep enough sleep every day that is essential for eye health. To improve eyesight, you'd better keep your eyes far away from computer screen and TV sets. You shall see more natural subjects such as tress or green grass. Also, you shall try to train your eye muscle by switch your eyesight from far distance to near distance. Hope this can help you.

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