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How long after laser eye surgery can you wear makeup?

Is it OK to DO makeup after laser eye surgery? If so, how long should i wait after the surgery. Should i wait till my eyes completely recover?
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  • Nicholas carter


    Well, generally speaking, after you have taken the eye surgery, you are not supposed to have make-up in the first week, or it can just make your situation worse by hurting your eyes. As we know that after the surgery, your eyes have to take some time to recover. At this period, protection from infection, irritants can be important. So if you wear make-up, it may infect your eyes, and then lead to some eye problems, such as eye infection, pink eyes. In that way, it will just slow down the process of recovery. Anyway, just pay more attention to your eyes.
  • Jade scott


    It is not OK for you to makeup after the laser eye surgery. You will have to wait for its complete recovery after the surgery. Or else, the inner stimulating irritates in the makeup will make your eyes get infection and affect the recovery of the eyes. As we know, different people have different prescription before they do the surgery. In addition, their constitution is different. Thus, their recovery time is different too. After one month of basic recovery, you'd better not do the makeup which will arouse the infection possibility. You could just wait for about three months. Myopic eye laser surgery is with accurate molecular laser corneal flap based on the substrate layer phototropism cutting to reduce the pupil corneal curvature to get the purpose of correcting myopia. This surgery is safe and effective. You'd better wait for the complete recovery and then wear the contact lenses and makeup. The eyes need the special care.
  • walgreensunder


    From what you said I can see that you are successful with your laser eye surgery, so, you should know that within a particular period of time, your eyes are quite fragile and could not bear much harm. So, you would be required not to apply cosmetic products to your eyes within 3 months. As to the recovery, it would just take about one month and a half. However, you should still abide by the instructions of the doctor.

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