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What are causes of peripheral vision loss?

I have difficulty seeing in dim light and decreased ability to navigate while you are walking. My friend said that i may suffer from peripheral vision loss. So what causes that happen?
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  • Jade scott


    As we know that peripheral vision refers to your ability to see to either side while you are looking straight ahead. The amount of peripheral vision is measured according to the angle at which you can still see an object held to either side of you. In many cases, peripheral vision loss will lead to many serious problems with your eyes. One of the most common causes of peripheral vision loss is glaucoma. Eye trauma or injury head injury, stroke are other causes of peripheral vision loss. Peripheral vision loss or reduction should be evaluated quickly to find the real cause, because some causes of vision loss can be dangerous. Some causes of peripheral vision loss, if left untreated, can lead to permanent blindness.
  • constans


    People with peripheral vision loss don't have a normal and wide-angle field of vision. And there are several reasons that can cause peripheral vision loss include glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, eye stokes or occlusions, compressed optic nerve head as well as detached retina. So, you'd better get your eyes checked by eye doctor and make the right decision to treat your peripheral vision loss.
  • harris


    The peripheral vision loss, as known of tunnel vision means that you're unable to see objects from your central vision, neither the side up and down. And it could lead to the loss of visual field on one or both of your eyes. That is to say, it occurs the loss of your vision in all directions of eyes. It's caused by a variety of conditions or eye disorders. It's common to see that the cataracts, alcohol intoxication could cause the tunnel vision. With such causes, the peripheral vision loss is temporary. And the serious causes include damage to the optic nerve (glaucoma), the brain and the retina (retinal detachment), or injury to the eye and the head.
  • Allison walker


    Vitamin A deficiency is the cause of peripheral vision loss, so the treatment of ''peripheral vision loss'' must be begun from supplemented with vitamin A. You can use the way of changing in diet and supplying vitamin A by taking medication. The food that is rich in vitamin A includes carrots, liver, eggs, spinach, celery green and some vegetables.

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