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Daniel christian


What causes eye pain in children?

My kid told me that she feel eye pain. And i see her eyes are red. What causes that? How to treat it?
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  • Christian george


    If your children spend too much time on watching TV, they will feel their eyes are painful as eye strains. Just having a good rest will be fine. But if their eyes are painful because of the inflammation, they have to see the doctor as soon as possible. It is necessary to take care of the nutrition of the children, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, and less spicy food. At the same time, you need help the children to keep the eye clean and health.
  • cahekm_12b


    There are several reasons that may cause eye pain in children. The following conditions may cause eye pain: Conjunctiva. This is the most common eye disorder happen to both children and adults. It will make eyes look red. But they also come with the symptoms of itchiness and discharge. Foreign bodies. If there is foreign bodies into her eyes, she may also feel pain. If she have rubbed her eyes, it will appear red. If so, you shall get the foreign bodies out of her eyes. Stye. If your she got stye, it is also painful. So, you'd better take her to doctor to get her eye checked.
  • craziblondi36


    The best way to know the reasons why the children' eye is painful is to see a doctor. Many things may cause eye pain in children, seeing one thing for a long time or using eye with bad habits may cause eye pain and dry discomfort. Conjunctiva, infection, stimulation and injury can also cause eye pain in children. You should pay attention to the good habits with the eyes, like having enough time to sleep, doing eye exercises and so on.

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