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What are good treatment for peripheral vision loss I can take?

I was been told that i am suffering peripheral vision loss. So, what are peripheral vision loss? Are there any treatments to help me?
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  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    Peripheral vision loss mean that you don't have a normal vision even if your central vision may be fine. And peripheral vision loss can be caused by optic nerve damage or glaucoma. Unfortunately, till now, there is no easy vision correction options to help them. But you can try prism eyeglasses that can help you expand your field of view. If you have glaucoma, buy prescribed eye drops that may help you.
  • b2sweet16


    As we know that the loss of clear central vision can rob a person of the ability to read, drive and recognize people's faces even without causing total blindness. Comparing with central vision loss, Peripheral vision loss is a kind of disease that makes you look things difficultly in short time or even a long time. For the cause of this kind of disease, it can be glaucoma or migraine. Then till now there is no effective way which can be used to heal it , but on the other hand ,we can take a lot of measures to prevent or relieve the symptoms .for example , you can wear a special glasses which is just designed for you.