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Can tears clean our eyes?

I heard that tears help us clean our eyes? Is that true?
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  • Nathan harris


    Appropriate amount of tears can not hurt your eyes, but good for your eyes. Because tears can help you wash your eyes. But you should remember do not have excessive tearing, especially in a short period of time, because it may hurt your eyes. In addition, you should not tear for a long time, because it can elevate intraocular pressure, which will affect the health of your eyes. If it is not natural tears, then your duct may be blockage. You also should not cry the night before, because it can make your eyes swollen when you get up the next day.
  • EDGAR Schneider


    To some extent, that's true. The biggest benefit of tears is that it can help eliminate some toxicants in our body. No matter what the reasons make you cry, that's good to your health. But a long time crying sometimes may do side effects on one's memories and attentions and even lower your body's immune system. So we should see this event from every side instead of just Ok or Bad. In summary, the functions of tears ought to conclude the following parts: First, it can clean our eyes with dilution effect, which I mentioned above is also known as Detox. Second, it has the effect of moisturizing the eyes and decreases the rate of uncorrected eye astigmatism. Third, it can sterilize the bacteria of eyes.
  • covenmasters


    Tears are very useful for our eyes because they are playing a very important role to our eyes. Tears have the moist function and they can washed away the dirty things on the surface of the eye, keep the eye clean, kill the harmful bacteria. Generally speaking, tears have three functions:(1) Rinse and dilution (2) Lubrication (3) Sterilization As the above functions, it is really true that tears can clean our eyes.
  • coloursoflife


    Yes, it can do that. As we all known, the tear is a kind of natural material that comes from our eyes. Some people, especially some men would think that it's shame to cry. However, the tear is good to our health, including eyes. The basic function of tears is helping us to see. It not only lubricates our eyeballs and eyelids, but also prevents dehydration of various mucous membranes. Then, it can kill bacteria and other harmful materials. The tears have lysozyme thus it kills 90 to 95 percent of bacteria during 10 minutes. Even the tears get rid of toxins from people' body and release stress.

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