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Is it possible that children get hyperopia?

One of my friends told me that his daughter got hyperopia. I always think that hyperopia only happens to older people. So, is it possible that children may get hyperopia?
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  • crc32


    Though most of people believe that hyperopia or presbyopia often occurs to older people, usually over 40 years old. But that not mean hyperopia only happens to older people. In fact, in our real life, there are children got hyperopia when they was young for varied reasons such as heredity, bad vision habit as well as excessive using of eyes etc.
  • gary


    It is possible that children may get hyperopia. Many factors will lead to children get hyperopia. Children have small children eyeball, short axial length, and the Children corneal and crystal refractive power of large ciliary muscle contraction and strong physiological reasons, inappropriate use of eyes will make children have hyperopia. To people with the mild hyperopia, it doesn't need treatment, and with the age growth, the situation can improve.
  • walkingbassline


    Yes, it's possible that children get hyperopia. Hyperopia is a common vision problem which has been ignored by many people. It occurs when the light entering the eye focuses behind the retina. Hyperopia is usually an inherited condition. Young children tend to be hyperopic although the condition generally lessens as the child grows and their eyes get bigger. In extreme cases in children it can make them to have problems with going cross eyed.
  • coloradolicious


    Yes. Hyperopia is a refractive error, and can happen to children and adolescents. Nevertheless it does not deepened with age generally, and often has a downward trend. In fact, the children get hyperopia since they were born, refractive system of them has not been developed to the normal level during the fetal period. Strengthen with the eye and see something with colorful can stimulate the eyes, and help the children to be better.
  • Rebecca


    Farsightedness is often present from birth, but children have a very flexible eye lens, which helps make up for the problem. As aging occurs, glasses or contact lenses may be required to correct the vision. Farsightedness is hereditary.
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