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Kelly Dalton


What is the best way to clean anti-reflective glasses?

I got a pair of anti-reflective glasses. Can you tell me what is best way to clean anti-reflective glasses? Or is it the same as i clean my normal eyeglasses?
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  • Jason


    So, I can see that you like your anti-reflective glasses very much because it is so useful in resisting reflective lights. And personally speaking, I find them quite amazing though they could cost you a bit more. Anyway, if you want to keep them clean, you should not rub the lenses with anything handy, but should get some special cloth and washing liquid to deal with the lenses. Or might as well try to take the glasses to the optical store for help.
  • Makayla


    You could just use the clean water to wash the anti-reflective glasses like the normal eyeglasses. However, you could bring the anti-reflective glasses to the eyeglasses stores to let the clients use the professional washing machine to wash the lenses for you. It will be the professional method. And your lenses will be cleaned so clear and become new again from the look.