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Andrea lester


What is the best haircut for men with glasses?

I am a men with eyeglasses. Can you give me some suggestions on my haircut. What is the best haircut for me?
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  • coldnd


    Oh, I can see that. So, as a matter of fact, I am also a men with glasses on a regular basis. So, maybe here I can give you some ideas. If you appear in the public with a pair of glasses, it would not be wise for you to leave a long hair because this would make you look like a dummy. But if your hair is as short as Steve Jobs, it would make you appear very cool and amazing. Anyway, short haircut is good for you.
  • Zoe may


    Basically speaking, there is no concrete haircut for the guys who wearing glasses, since everyone with the glasses has different face shape. Yet, there are some tips about how to choose the suitable haircut for persons with eyeglasses. They are not suggested to have over long hair if they wear the oversized eyeglasses. Further, it is not wise to dye similar color of hair as the glasses lenses. Anyway, as long as you get out your style, the haircut is the most fitting for you even you wear glasses. Hope it helps you.
  • cupidityx


    Well, it's hard to say what haircut is best for you, a man with eyeglasses. Your face shape and your skin color, even yourself qualities are all factors that affect your choice. If you are really hard to decide which style is suitable for you, the best way is to bring your glasses to your hairdresser when having a new cut. Some of my friends recommend me a website that help us make a nice look. may be really your best choice.