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Connor nelson


How do people with glasses snorkel?

Can I still go scuba diving if I have to wear glasses? How do people with glasses snorkel? I really don' t want to miss this chance.
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  • Kaylee


    It depends on your prescription. If you have slight prescription, you can go without prescription glasses. If you need vision aids, you can consult a diving company for special goggles with glasses to help you. Besides, you can also take your mask to an optician. S/he may help you get specializes prescription masks. They can help you insert prescription lenses to your mask instead of the original lenses. Hope this can help you.
  • catherinecraven


    People with glasses or short sighted problems could also snorkel. There are a lot of diving glasses with prescription for you guys. The lenses with prescription could just let you see things clearly. You could just use such type of the glasses to go snorkeling. There are a lot of colors in such diving glasses, with different colors. You could base on your hobby to choose the perfect one. You could go to the famous online store to choose one. You could go to the amazon to have a search. The price in the online store must be cheaper than those in the real stores. If your prescription is high, the diving eyeglasses may be made for a long time which is usually needed to book ahead of time. About the diving glasses, you could use some clean agent on the lenses to wash with water which could help you avoid the frosty symptom in the water. You should not skip such step which is so important.
  • Victor


    I think prescription goggle is the best choice for you. And there is also an alternative, you can wear contacts while wearing diving goggles.