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Jordan Brown


Do circle lenses look good on non-asians?

I find that circle lenses look quite nice on asians, and I also plan to purchase one pair. But I am not sure if they can also look good on non- asains. Can you guys give me any suggestions?
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  • giles


    Personally, it depends. But most of people who wear circle contact lenses look good. If you like it, you can just have a try. In fact, contact lenses is not expensive, you can just try a pair at a glasses shop. If it look good, you can buy more or order it online for saving money. But before you buy the contact lenses, you shall take an eye examination to get prescription so as to get proper circle contact lenses. Good luck.
  • b1ggy_13


    You can definitely wear circle lenses, for circle lenses are not designed exclusively for Asians. Actually, circle lenses are sold all over the world and worn by people of all races. So, you need not worry about the circle lenses will give you a terrible look. Circle lenses can be regarded as cosmetics. It will make your pupils look lager and brighter. If you want to choose a pair of circle lenses, you need take your skin tone and hair color into consideration. I suggest you not to choose circle lenses with dramatic colors such as purple and pink, for they will give you a fake look. In addition, if you have some problems with your eyes, you should consult an ophthalmologist before you wear circle lenses because this kind of lenses will reduce the oxygen in eyes.
  • Lydia


    Generally speaking, it does not matter too much for wearing circle lenses that whether you are an asian or non-asian. The purpose of the circle lenses are to change the colors of eyes so as to make you look different and more charming. And as to the color of the circle lenses, it usually depends on your own personality, your individual preferences, or the color of your clothes you are wearing at that time. Usually it is better to color of the circle lenses which matches up with the color of your clothing, but this rule is not inflexible. You can according to your personal intention to make your choice. For example, if your eye color is a kind of dark color, and you want to change it to a light color, then you can wear a pair of circle lenses. In addition, you had better go to a professional circle lenses shop to make your choice, in case of poor-quality circle lenses damaging your eyes.