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Alisa O.


Can eye strain cause sinus pain?

Is it true that eye strain can cause sinus pain? How does that happen? Any measures?
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  • enternalhate


    Generally speaking, eye strain may not cause sinus pain. But on the contrary, sinus pain can sometimes lead to eye strain. This is because that the eyes and the nose are connected with nerves and blood vessels. The sinus pain can easily affect the eyes, causing a series of symptoms such as eye strain, eye fatigue, dry eyes, swelling or watering eyes, and so on. To get rid of the eye strain, you should first get rid of the sinus pain. One of the effective measures is to take a sinus debridement. And you also should pay attention to have adequate rest and sleep. Watch out not to catch a cold. Do not overuse your eyes. Do not eat irritative foods such as spicy dishes, alcohol. And do not smoke. Eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement minerals and vitamins. Do moderate sports regularly to enhance your immunity.
  • comingourloud


    Well, in my opinion, eye strain cannot cause sinus pain. So you do not need to worry about it too much. And generally speaking, eye strain can just lead to redness in your eyes. And also, watery eyes, dry eyes, and pink eyes can be possible. But on the other hand, there is no evidence which can show that eye strain can just cause sinus pain. And of course, for sinus pain, it is often caused by infection and allergies. So that is sinus infection occurs. To reduce eye strain, you need to make your eyes to have good rest and also, doing some eye exercises can be helpful.

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