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Jordan smith


Can eyestrain cause head pain?

It is said that eye strain can usually lead to a headache, is that true? And is it serious? What should I pay more attention to?
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  • ct_exposed


    I never heard that people can get eyestrain from head pain. But for people who work with commuter for a long time, it may cause computer vision syndrome that will make people get eye strain as well as head pain. Besides, they may also suffer shoulder pain, and soreness of waist etc. And this usually is not a big problem. As long as you get good rest, you may recover from those discomfort.
  • aaron


    Yes, it is quite that eye strain can lead to a headache, This is because that the nerves of the whole body are connected with each other. If the eyes get strain due to overuse of the eyes without adequate rest, then the ophthalmic nerves will conduct self neuro regulation by swelling or contracting, thus making the head aches. In another case, if the eyes get strain and feel dry and pain, the blood vessels of the eyes will also frequently stretch and contract after the stimulation, then people will get the cluster headache syndrome. Therefore, people should pay attention not to overuse your eyes. You should have adequate rest and sleep everyday. Do not usually stay up too late at night. Eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins for your eyes. Regularly do some eye exercises every day.
  • Miranda hall


    Eyestrain can cause head pain. But this is not very serious if you take proper measures in time. Actually, headache is the most common symptom of eyestrain. The overuse of the eyes and polluted environment will lead to eye strain headache. If there is too much strain on the eyes while the tissues and blood vessels around the eyes cannot get proper rest or sufficient nourishment, the eye strain headache may happen. If you have this condition, take a good rest and your headache will disappear. When you are reading a book or working in front of the computer screen, you can blink your eyes more frequently, shift the focus of your eyes or just close your eyes to relax the muscles around the eyes. After using the computer for 60 minutes, you can take a short break for 2 minutes. By doing this, the eyestrain headache will be relieved.

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