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Catherine williams


What are the side effects of being hit in the eye?

I got a hit in my left eye by accident. But I didn' t go to a hospital. I wish there would be nothing wrong with me. Will there be any side effects on me?
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  • EDGAR Schneider


    You should have gone to hospital and asked an eye doctor to check your eye thoroughly though a hit to the eye can be a minor injury, sometimes it is severe. You can see whether you are suffering such symptoms as bruising around your eyes, redness in the eye, swelling, bleeding between the cornea and iris, retinal detachment, blurred or cloudy vision as well as double vision. If it is just a minor injury, you can apply cold compresses to the affected area to help promote the affected area to heal more quickly. If you feel your eye is getting worse, you should go to hospital promptly and consult an eye doctor in case that it can lead to blindness in severe case.
  • Sara scott


    Oh, I am sorry to hear that you got a hit in the eyes. And the side effects is unknown since you didn't give me more information about how you feel after the hit. And the result of the hit depend o how heave your hit in the eyes. If you just get a slight hit in your eyes, it will be OK even though you may feel uncomfortable temporarily. Besides, you may get bruise and black eyes from the hit, if so, you'd better go to see a doctor. Also, it may cause blindness if you hit your eyes really badly and make your eyes bleeding or something like that. So, if you feel any discomfort, you shall ask help from an eye doctor.
  • carolynx66


    Generally speaking, you will feel your eyes get poor and blurry vision after your eyes are hit. It usually will take some time for the eyes to recover their vision after they are hit, maybe a few minutes. If the condition is serious, the eyes may get retina perforation. You had better go to the doctor's for an eye examination to find out if there is any potential eye problems caused by the hit. In addition, if you feel that you can see some black spots when you are watching things, then you should go to the hospital to see whether you get retina perforation. It is better to take the treatment before the perforation becomes worse.