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What is the bump in the corner of my eye?

I have got a bump in the corner of my eye for a few days. What is that? Is this symptom serious?
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  • Mackenzie rose


    A bump in the corner of your eye could indicate a serious problem that might affect your vision. When your eyes are attacked by some allergens, they can cause outbreaks to produce bumps in the corner of the eye. Styes, which recur frequently and spread the bacterial infection throughout your eye, can be a contributor to the bump. Cysts, which are pockets of fluid that build up and disrupt your vision can also lead to a bump in the corner of your eye. In addition, papillomas can also interfere with vision and result in a bump. To get rid of the bump in the corner of eye, you can apply warm compresses four times a day. Do remember not to squeeze the bump, otherwise, you would be in a worse situation. Wish you recover soon.
  • walkingtragd


    In your case, it may be conjunctivitis or keratitis that lead to the bump in the corner of your eyes. Remember not to rub the bump in your eyes with your fingers even if the eyes are really itchy or painful. You had better go to the doctor's for an eye examination as soon as possible so as to find out the exact cause of your eye bump and take the correspondent treatment. Besides, pay attention to your personal eye hygiene, and do not share your towel, washbasin and so on with others in case of infection. And do not overuse your eyes. Eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins to your eyes.