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Can eye strain cause jaw pain?

I don' t know why I usually get jaw pain, and I consulted one of my doctor friends who told me that it might be caused by eye strain. Is it normal? Do I need to take some medicine to relieve this?
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  • Kate


    Eye strain usually caused by focusing on something for a long time especially computer screen, cellphone screen as well as book etc. But i never heard that eye strain cause jaw pain. I guess that you must focus far distance with upping your head for a long time. If so, take a break and get good rest, it can relieve your eye strain and jaw pain. Or you can listen to your doctor's suggestion to treat it.
  • Caroline


    According to your description, it is possibly that you get a migraine so as to make your jaw ans eyes painful. Or it may be a kind of neuropathic pain. Yu had better go to the doctor's for an examination to find out the exact pathogenesis so as to get correspondent treatment. You should not take in medicine bought by yourself, in case of taking the wrong medicine and causing worse conditions. If it is neuropathis pain, the doctor may probably prescribe fenbid, adenosine B12 or B1 to you. You should go back home and take adequate rest and sleep. Do not eat irritative foods such as spicy dishes, ice cream, alcohol. And do not smoke. Eat more vegetables and fruits.