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What eye color do guys find most attractive?

Does anyone know that what eye color can attract guys most? I wish to attract one guy' s attention.
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  • ebarnes1621


    I do not care about eye color that much, but I think blue eyes are beautiful if I have to say. In my opinion, to attract a man's attention, you can pay more attention to your non-physical traits. You should smile and be friendly, you know, smiling is the best language in the world and guys like those whom they can strike up a good conversation and laughter with. The most important thing is to be yourself. Be honest and down-to-earth. If you change yourself merely to attract him, he will eventually see through it. Anybody likes those who are sincere and natural. Just be confident and pursue your happiness bravely. You can try outline dating with the guy you like or you can ask your friends to help you to set you up with the guy on a date.
  • creationfest


    It depends on individual taste in the aspect of the question that which is the most attractive color of the eyes. For example, some people may like the deep dark eye colors while some people may prefer the green color of eyes. For your information, here are some results of the surveys on the most attractive eye colors in the world. First of all, the color of green is thought to be one of the most attractive colors of eyes, because the green color reminds people of emerald and jade which are regarded elegant, mysterious and enticing. Secondly, the blue eyes are also thought to be very attractive, because of its sea-like and sky-like color, which is very noble and clarified.