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What are best vitamin supplements for macular degeneration ?

To prevent macular degeneration, what type of vitamins can i take? Any suggestion?
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  • Sara scott


    Well, yes, generally speaking, vitamins can be helpful to macular degeneration. And you should know that especially the vitamin d can help prevent early age-related macular degeneration. According to a new study, we have known that high levels of vitamin D may be able to prevent or slow the process of macular degeneration. Boosting vitamin D intake could help to prevent age-related diseases, in particular loss of vision and blindness. Also, Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties, and inflammation has played a big part in macular degeneration. Vitamin D treatment also reduced numbers of cells called macrophages, which play a vital role in the immune system and can also trigger inflammation. So you can intake more foods which is rich with vitamin d. for example, you can eat more fish, such as catfish, eggs, and cod liver oil. Also, you should know that vitamin a is also important for eyes. So if you have any problems about it, you can console your doctor.
  • Andrea


    Firstly, you should intake more vitamin A food, the typical one is carrot because it is rich in beta-carotene to prevent macular degeneration, other sources include sweet potato, peaches, spinach. At the same time, you should increase intake of vitamin E and vitamin C, like nuts, wheat germ, kiwi, pepper, broccoli. Additionally, foods rich in lutein are associated with lower risk of macular degeneration. The best sources of lutein include green peas and oranges. What is more, omega-3 fats is also considered as a good nutrient for preventing macular degeneration, which can be easily found in fish, such as salmon.
  • Michael anderson


    In order to prevent the macular degeneration, you could just take the vitamin C and E which own the antioxidant role. The pathological mechanism of macular degeneration is mainly the aging change for the performance of the retinal pigment epithelium cells for the macular area structure. The outside plate film ingests function declines. It is not the digest plate membrane residual in the body retention in the basement of the cells in the blade. The cells are influenced and form a glass membrane. Thus, it leads to macular degeneration. It is mainly happened in the macular area and gets the long-term chronic light damage, choroidal vascular sclerosis, retinal pigment epithelial cell aging problem. If you get the macular degeneration, you'd better go to see the doctor and accept the treatment. At the same time, eating more food with vitamin C and E will be good for you.