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Isabelle garcia


Why does my eyelid keep drooping?

It seems that i suffered from droopy eyelids. And now, it become even more serious. Why? Why does my eyelid keep drooping?
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  • walkingcaine


    If you find the symptom of droopy eyelids you suffer, you should check whether you have the bad sleepy state these days. It could affect your eyelids and cause them to be droopy. Besides that, you need to check whether you have the infectious problems at the eyes. You should use the warm compress now to make your eyes feel comfortable now. Then you should go to see the doctor and ask for the exact reason.
  • elizabeth_starz


    Well, actually droopy eyelids can be kind of ugly and unattractive. And that is why droopy eyelids can just annoy so many people. In common, there are many causes of droopy eyelids. First, according to some researches, weak levator muscle, paralysis of some nerves, even Injuries such as fracture of the skull bone between eye socket and nose can be the most common causes of droopy eyelids. And also, some bad life habit, such as lack of sleep, overuse of eyes, stress can lead to it too. So you can just check it with your own situation. To get rid of droopy eyes, having a good rest is of course essential. Also, you can just put the teabags in the refrigerator until these become cool, and then just apply them on your eyes. Repeat this for a few days. Also, proper and moderate exercise including eye exercise can be effective.
  • Austin


    I have to warn you that it may be the disease called ptosis. Around 80% of patients get congenital ptosis. There’ s also someone got pseudoptosis or cquired ptosis. The disease can fall into 4 types: 1. Neurogenic ptosis caused by damage of eneurosis and the common syptom can be the migraine induced by eye nerve pralysis. 2. Myogenicity caused by the natural defectiveness of levator palpabrae muscle induced by congenital dysplasia or amyotrophy or so on. 3. Mechanical caused by eyelid tumors. 4. Aponeurotic ptosis caused by the function of conduction disorders of levator palpabrae muscle commonly induced by eye surgeries. The best choice is to do the eye surgery to improve the condition. Hope that will help.

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