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How to make your eyes sparkle without makeup ?

Is there any good way that can make eyes sparkle without any makeup? How can i achieve it?
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  • Jeff


    If you want to make your eyes sparkle without any makeup, you could do another way. You could wear the colored contact lenses which could help you achieve it. It will be so helpful. You could get the shining and sparkling eyes. Your eyes will look so big and beautiful when you wear the contact lenses. You could have a try. If you are short sighted, you could just choose the one with prescription.
  • Isabel


    Yes, there are some methods for you. First of all, enough sleep is essential for shiny eyes. Sleepy eyes always look dull and gloomy. Secondly, a wide smile can lighten the whole face, especially your eyes. Stress and depression make your eyes gray. Thirdly, foods rich in vitamin A, B, C and E are good for eye health. Healthy eyes certainly look brighter and better. Lastly, you can apply cold compress, sliced potato, or sliced cucumber to your eyes for 10 minutes every day.
  • Adam peters


    Recently, more and more people tend to wear the contact lenses to make their eyes seem sparke, but there are some more simple ways to achieve this goal without makeup. Water is the point. Drink water and use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to moisture the eyes and keep your eyes hydrated, which makes eyes sparke as well as stand out. Besides, put your hair up so that others will put more emphasis on your eyes and seems light. Last but not the least, a good diet will also be good for your eyes. Add vegetables, fruits, as well as dairy products with vitamins into your daily foods, keep it as a habit, you will obviously find your eyes more sparke and charming as soon as possible.