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Why do i keep getting iritis?

This is the third time that i got iritis. Why? Can iritis be completely cured? Why it come and go again and again?
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  • Erin


    Iritis, an eye diseases, is namely sometimes behind the iris ciliary body. It is the iris inflammation, with small white cells and intraocular inflammation area of small blood vessels leak. There is too much protein, floating in the aqueous humor between the iris and the floating cells in aqueous humor. If the number is too many, they will attack the back of the cornea, also causing inflammation of the iris precipitation in aqueous humor of unknown cause. The early symptom of inflammation iris is red eyes. You may feel discomfort or pain. The symptoms are associated with decreased vision slightly. If you're going to look in the mirror, you can see the naked eye gathered behind corneal cells. Your third time of iritis must be caused by the not well treatment of the last time. Or your eyes get the infection again by the coming invisible bacterium. You need to treat it completely. You need to have the good rest, with eye drops with anti-inflammation and warm compress to make your eyes get normal. You need to treat it fully and take notice of having good rest.
  • b3li3ve


    There are many kinds of inflammatory etiology of iritis, such as autoimmune disorders, trauma, and infection. In most time, iritis caused by the later two inflammations can be completely cured after the cause is removed. But more and more simple iritis are found in immune dysfunction, this situation is difficult to completely cured, and often repeated attack when people are hard or have a cold. Only if give timely treatment when there are signs of attack will it not damages the eyes.

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