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Jocelyn david


Why do i feel so much pressure in my eyes?

I feel so much pressure in my eyes. Why? What causes it? Is it mean that i have high eye pressure?
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  • Diane Bradstock


    If you get pregnant, you may feel so much pressure at your eyes. Thus you may check whether you get pregnant. Or your high blood pressure will also cause the high pressure at the eyes. You must use the diet or rest to release it. The high eye pressure is the main cause for glaucoma. It is such a serious eye symptom. You should get away from it.
  • Gail


    The following reasons may contribute to your feeling of pressure in eyes: 1. in myopia. Myopia often accompanied by some of the symptoms, such as the eyes fatigue, strabismus, dizziness and sore eyes, even leading to low blood pressure. 2. Excessive work in the eye, focusing on screen for a long time, sleep deprivation, stress is too heavy and so on is the direct cause of the eye pressure. In addition, the incorrect position, the rhythm of work stress and sleep too much may lead to eye pain. 3. Intracranial diseases can also cause sore eyes.
  • anderson


    If you have pressure sensation in your eyes from time to time, this means that your eyes are dry. Pressure in the eyes can be the result of glaucoma that raises the pressure in the eyes. Eye strain, sinus pressure or headache, migraine can also be the cause of high pressure in the eyes. If you do not wear glasses, this condition suggests that you should get a pair of glasses. If you already have glasses, you should change another with higher prescription. Besides, brain tumor will lead to high eye pressure. Since the pressure can indicate serious diseases, you should consult your doctor about the treatment before it is too late. Ibuprofen or Tylenol can be applied to relieve it.