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Can anxiety cause visual snow ?

What cause vision snow? It is really troublesome to suffer it. Is it possible to get it from anxiety?
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  • Miranda


    If you have great fluctuation at the mood, the high pressure at the eyes or the high blood pressure, you may have the vision snow. It is really troublesome to suffer it. You may also get it from anxiety. You need to keep the good mood every day. The healthy diet is also helpful. You should also take more food with vitamin C to make your eyes moisture and vitamin A to improve your vision.
  • Arianna


    Well, in my opinion, visual snow cannot be caused by anxiety. But on the other hand, you should know that visual snow can be caused by chemical changes. And when you suffer from it, it will just make your eyes feel annoying and uncomfortable. According to some experts, it is like static in parts of or the whole of your visual field. Also, floaters, light sensitivity, red eyes can be other symptoms occurring. So just go and have a talk with eye doctor, if you have it.
  • bell


    The cause of visual snow is still not clear. People experiencing entopic phenomena or having vitreous floaters may also see spots and floaters but they are different from visual snow. Visual snow is hard to detect by exams and there is no specific treatment for it. This is really an annoying disease and I am sorry that there is no treatment. We need devote more studies on this disease.
  • jason morgan


  • jason morgan



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