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Can visual snow go away?

I suffered from vision snow. What shall i do? Can vision snow go away itself? Or i need do something to treat it?
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  • Kaylee tuener


    You should better go to see the doctor and find the treatment. At home, you need to have the good rest for the eyes. If you keep on sitting in front of the computers, you may not let the vision snow go away itself. You should use the clean cloth and hot water to do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. Rest is the most important thing for you now.
  • evelyn


    Well, in common, visual snow can go away in some degree. And at that time, you may not need to take any medical care to treat it. But on other hand, visual snow can be kind of dangerous and annoying. Generally speaking, visual snow will be like static in parts of or the whole of your visual field. Also, it can be any color but it usually consists of small, translucent dots whose flicker intensity varies from person to person. To treat it, some home remedies you can just have to try to treat it. For example, you can just have some cold compresses on your eyes with cool tea bags. And then, go and see the eye doctor.

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