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Why does my eyelid keep swelling up?

I often suffered from swollen eyes. Why? What cause my eyelid swelling up?
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  • walkingcaine


    Your eyes immune system is so low. Your eyes may get infection because of coming invisible bacterium. It may cause your eyelid to swell up. You need to use the warm compress by finding the clean warm cloth to cover on the eyes to release your eyes. You could also take some medicine with anti-inflammation to release it. You should try the above ways.
  • Kimberly quick


    Eyes swell and personal habits have great relationship, such as eating habits, work habits, and eyes swollen and may be related to physical illness. Usually, drinking too much water before bed, poor sleep posture, sleep face down, and so on will gather the body fluids in the eye, which cause the eyes swell. In addition, if you often stay up late, often sitting for not exercising with computers or often stare at the TV, those bad habits can cause the symptoms of eyes
  • Nicholas carter


    If you wake up with swelling eyes, you must have buried your face in the pillow when you were sleeping. The swelling eyelids caused by this will disappear naturally. Your swelling eyelids can also be the result of eye allergy, which is actually the most common cause. When your eyes are affected by allergen, eye cells will defend your eyes and make blood vessels in the eyes to swell. Eye styes on its early stage will make your eyes feel bruised and sensitive to light. Pink eye and chalazion from blocked oil producing glands will also cause swelling eyelids. Cellulitis is a serious eye condition and can lead to swelling eyelid. If you have thyroid problems such as Graves’ disease, you are prone to have swelling eyelids.