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Anthony gary


Is pink eye contagious in the air?

I heard that pink eyes is contagious. How? Is it contagious through air? How can i prevent it?
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  • James taylor


    Yes, the pink eyes are contagious. However it is not that serious and can be contagious through air. It is just contagious through the sharing use of the same cloth and other things. In order to prevent it, you need to keep the hygiene habit and not share the personal things with other people. You should keep away from the one with pink eyes.
  • Gabriel leonard


    Pink eye is not contagious through air. Instead, it spread through person-to-person contact. It can also be spread by the droplet from coughing and sneezing. When a person with pink eye shares the same towel or other articles of everyday use with other people, the contagion will certainly occur. If you have pink eye or a person around you have pink eye, you should use your own towel or other articles to avoid contagion. Keeping clean is very important to prevent pink eye. This means that you should make sure your eyes, face, hands and fingers are clean all the time to avoid bacteria or virus that cause pink eye.
  • walker67


    Pinkeye can go away in a week or two with out medical care. There are different causes of pinkeye and it is not always contagious. For example, pinkeye caused by chemicals or smoke is not contagious. Viral and bacterial pinkeye are contagious and can spread very fast. You should wash your hands often and do not share your washcloth or other personal stuff with others. Pinkeye can not spread through air. To avoid pinkeye, you should keep your environment clean. Don't make close contact with people who have pinkeye. Wash your hands and don't rub your eyes. You can apply some eye drops to protect your eyes from infection.
  • Bernice


    Yes, viral conjunctivitis (pink-eye) is very common and is extremely contagious. Avoid touching eyes with your hands, wash hands frequently, do not share towels, and avoid work, school or daycare activities for a least five days or as long as discharge is present.

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