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Jessica Stevenson


What to do if battery acid gets in my eyes?

It is painful that i get a bit of battery acid into my eyes. What should i do now to help my eyes?
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  • Tatiana


    It's not a big problem for get something into eyes as it's always happen in our daily life, such as get shampoo, soup, oil, cream into eyes by accident. You just need flushing it out with much clean water and have a little rest for your eyes recover. And you'd better see a doctor if this way can not help.
  • Sara scott


    You gotta be kidding me man. How could you be so careless to have let that get into your eyes, which could not bear so much harm and damage. So, once you have got that into your eyes, you should use plenty of clean water with salty to flush your eyes, because that thing is highly toxic and irritative to your eyes. Anyway, you need to get some effective and timely medical treatment before it is too late.
  • Juan


    Well, actually it is very painful to have battery acids in your eyes. And in some cases, it can be dangerous. You should know that battery acids are made from chemicals, and it can be irritants in your eyes. And it can infect your eyes. Finally, your eyes can be red and bloodshot. In some cases, it also will lead to some other eye diseases, such as pink eyes. So just wash your eyes with pure water as soon as possible. Also, you should open your eyes as big as you can. After that, you should go and see the eye doctor as soon as possible. the doctor can just have some text for you.

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