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Do eye drops help eye stye?

Can I use eye drops to treat the stye on the eyes? Does it really work? How?
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    Yes, you can try with some eye drops with anti-inflammatory agents or anti-bacterial agents to treat it. A stye is the inflammation of a clogged meibomina gland in eyelids, mostly caused by bacterial infection. So if you apply some anti-bacterial or anti-inflammation medication on eyelids, it should be helpful. On the other hands, you could apply the heat compress to help speed up the recovery process. Keep your eyes clean. You can rinse your eyelids with a cotton buds soaked with warm salt water. Drink some herb tea like chrysanthemum tea and have a light diet.
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    is tree tea oil go for eye stys
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    As we all know, stye commonly on the inside or outside of the lid, which is most possible to be caused by the blocking of an oil gland at the base of the eyelash. If you pay less attention to your nutrition, and suffer sleep deprivation, and lack of hygiene, lack of water are all easy to get eye stye. Eye stye makes you feel eye pain and goopy eyer, even welling and tenderness. So you need to take some measures to solute it. However, drop eye drops is not the ideal treatment option. The best home remedy to relive eye stye is to use tea tree oils. First, wash your hands with hot water and clean them uo with a dry towel. Second, take some tea tree oils on your finger. Third, close your eyes and massage the stye by the finger which has tea tree oil for 10 minutes. Tea tree oil has function of kill bacteria and reduce swollen. After that, stay quiet and do not rub your eyes any more. You’ll feel better soon.

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