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Arianna walker


Can optic neuritis cause floaters?

I was diagnosed WITH optic neuritis. Also, i noticed that eye floaters increase. It is so strange. Can optic neuritis lead to eye floaters?
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  • Katie


    There seems no connection between optic neuritis and eye floaters. As to optic neuritis, it refers to the inflammation of optic nerves which connect eyes with brain. These nerves would help transfer information from retina to the brain so that we can get images saw by eyes. Optic neuritis would lead to vision dimishing or even loss. Although according to some studies, it can heal up by itself in one or two weeks, I still recommend patients to see doctors if they might have optic neuritis. Given proper treatment, it could recover faster so that patients will sufer less from it. As to eye floaters, it refers to small floating spots in vision, due to various problems, like aging, retinal detachment or eye injuries. Normally speaking, eye floaters won't imapct vision seriously.
  • chriso1984


    There is still no precise causes of optic neuritis. The most possible cause is autoimmune disorder. The biggest function of immune system is fight with infections, which caused by bacteria, virus and fungi. Symptoms included blurry vision, color vision, eye pain. Eye floaters is hard to be contributed to optic neuritis. Eye floaters are small moving spots that appear in your field of vision. Retinal detachment, retinal tear and bleeding within the eye are certain causes of eye floaters.
  • gary


    Well, so sorry to hear that news. Anyway, from what I know, optic neuritis is one of the most serious problems with our eyes, which would make your vision greatly damaged and cause some other problems such as floaters because your visual nerves are damaged. So, you should try to minimize the consequences from getting optic neuritis, and make good use of eyes and pay attention to your eye health.