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Strabismus Compensated Eye?

Hi to all, i did some research about my condition and i found out that i'm having a "mild" strabismus. But i'm confused, my eyes are 20/20, i don't experience double vision, my eyes are working together. the problem is i notice that my right eye is a little bit not align and i learned that it is called "Exotropia" (outward). Therefore it is compensated strabismus- a not severe condition of strabismus unlike the uncompensated which is the severe type. I thought that glasses with prism will correct the alignment of my right but i read some posts that glasses with prisim only cures the double vision problem but does not align the eye. Strabismus surgery does it. but i don't want a surgery. i'm 19 y/o and i'm asking for your response to this post. What i prefer to do is to wear a glasses with prism but i doubt it because of what i read that it does not align the eye. anyway, i need some solution to correct my eye without a surgery and patching (because patching is commonly for 10 and below only.) thanks!

And oh, my eyes get irritated most of the time and turns red once i rub it lightly even just one time. so i blink my eyes more constant that turns to look myself as having a mannerism of blinking my eyes constantly fast. sometimes just the one eye at a time, sometimes the other eye and sometimes both. I went to the doctor and he gave me an eye drop and food supplement. i think it is only for irritations not to my bigger problem strabismus.
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    Oh I just said that it is Exotropia but let me say that my right eye is little bit outward and upward (Exotropia) and i don't know the other one. it's a mix of both.

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