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Can acupuncture help optic neuritis?

My firend told me that acupuncture can help people with optic neuritis . Is there anyone who have tried it? Does it really work?
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  • cahekm_12b


    Yes, there are some people recommending acupuncture as treatment for optic neuritis. Although according to some resources, optic neuritis can heal up by itself, actually it lasts for months, and it gives a lot of suffering s and pain to the patients. So I think it is best to get treatment. It is better not to take any treatment with steroids. Acupuncture works on treating this eye disease. You can have a try. Acupunture is an ancient Chinese therapy, which works with a long silver needle stick into certain points of human body to help break blockage, promote blood circulation and achieve balance. But acupuncture requires specially trained people to operate, so you should go to some reliable hospitals to take this treatment.
  • Alexandria taylor


    Yes, what your friend told you is right that acupuncture will help people with optic neuritis because of the release the eyes surrounding nerves. You could also get comfortable at the eyes part. Optic neuritis refers to diseases such as inflammatory demyelinating, optic nonspecific inflammation and infection with different pathological damage which can be divided into the ball within a period of apparent papillitis and ball in the back. There are three main symptoms of optic neuritis. The first one is the vision loss. The second one is the change of the field of view. The last one is the pupil change. When you have the vision loss, you will completely have absence in pupil direct light reaction. You will have severe visual impairment. Your pupil direct light reaction is abating, beginning to shrink. In the natural light offline, it could cover the healthy eye. You should take notice of this eye disease and try the acupuncture with eyes drops with anti-inflammation to treat your eyes.

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