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Can optic neuritis cause permanent blindness?

I am so upset because i just diagonised with optic neuritis. Will it cause permanent blindness? How can i get rid of it?
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  • Shelby harris


    Well, it sounds upset for you to get optic neuritis, which would leave your eyes impaired and make you suffer from a loss of vision . But from what I know, if treated in a proper way,optic neuritis would not blind you forever. And you should try to get medical treatment on a regular basis to stop optic neuritis from getting worse. Hope you recover and be optimistic about your eye health.
  • Makayla raphael


    It is hard to tell whether it will lead to permanent blindness or not. Optic neuritis refers to inflammation of optic nerves connecting eyes to the brain. In the first two weeks, patients with optic neuritis would have vision dimished seriously that many experienced light sensation loss. But most patients would have vision restored within 3 months. Patients also experienced pain in eyes. Optic neurities is always associated with other systemic disease, for examply hypertension and diabetes. It is better to have an examination if you are diagnosed with optic neurities. In many cases, doctors would give patients vitamin B1 and B12 intramascular injection, for vitamin B1 deficiency is the leading cause of optic neuritis. You should stay away from smoking and alcohol. Live a regular and healthy life.
  • Susie Washington


    Optic neuritis is commonly due to autoimmuse disorder. And this is easy to cause infection results from bacteria and virus. Optic neuritis cannot go away by itself and severe conditions without medical treatment may lead to blurry vision, loss of vision, even blindness. However, this vision problem is not permanent. You can be cured by medicines and surgery.