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Can stress cause lazy eye?

Can I get lazy eyes when I work with great stress? Is it possible?
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  • betty


    No, I don't think stress could cause lazy eye. As to lazy eye, it refers to diminish of vision in one or both eyes. It is called amblyopia too. Possible causes of lazy eye include the misalignment of two eyes in childhood or extreme imbalance of myopia or astigmatism degree of two eyes. When the brain faces a blurry image and a blurry image, the brain choses to ignore the blurry eye. If this situation persist for quite a long time, the blurry eye would get gradually dysfunctioned and even blind finally. So far, I see no proof leading to the direct connection between stree and lazy eye. If you do have lazy eye, I think you should visit an eye specialist as soon as possible to get proper treatment. For little kids, special glasses and patching would help to correct the lazy eye effectively.
  • Makayla raphael


    Lazy eyes, also called amblyopia, which is its medically name. Generally speaking, lazy eyes is a disorder of the visual system that is characterized by a vision deficiency in an eye. Many people are unaware oft hey have the condition until tested at older ages in that only have a mild form is hard to be found by people eyes. However, people who have severe amblyopia may experience related visual disorders, most notably poor depth perception. There is no doubt that stress can cause lazy eye. Stress not only means body feels fatigue, but also nerves in brain cannot afford the burden of being lack of oxygen and blood. While amblyopia results from developmental problems in the brain. But take easy. It is possible that work with great stress can cause lazy eye. However, if you have a feat in time and keep a balance diet, lazy eye will leave you alone.

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