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Michael anderson


Are eye drops and contact solution the same thing?

I have no idea about eye drops and contact solution since I often see my older sister use eye drops to clean her contacts. So, I wonder if they are the same? Any difference?
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  • Jack percy


    No, it is not correct. Eye drop is different from contact lens care solution. They are made for diverse purposes. First of all, as to the eye drops, there are various kinds of eye drops for various applications, including moisturizing eye drops, steroid eye drops and atropine eye drops. The main component of eye drops is saline water. According to distince fomula and application, it is added with different medication. While as to contact lens care solution, the essential component is saline water too, but there are sterilization, perservatives and deproteinization agents. These compnents are vital to keep our contact lens clean with no bacteria or protein so that the lens would not irritate and contaminate our eyes. So you can see that the eye drops and the care solution are totally different. If you are in a pinch that you have no solution at hand, you can use the eye drops as substitue temporarily. But don't alway use eye drops to clean and store your lenses.
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